100% Organic & Natural
CBD Oils and Mushroom Supplements.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Nature’s Therapy sources only the best ingredients for our products.
Our CBD Oil is Broad Spectrum, containing all the various CBD compounds and Terpenes, but with none of the THC compound.  We do this because even though we believe the minimal amount of THC is possibly good for you,  if taken in too high a dose it could result in failed drug testing in workplaces, so with our product you have complete peace of mind.


Mushroom Supplements

The use of Mushrooms in medicine is widely documented and in some cultures its use can be traced back thousands of years.
We source our mushroom powders from organic only farms, in-fact they are grown on a remote island, only accessible by boat.

The strains of mushroom we currently supply are: 
Lions Mane Powder, Reishi Powder, Cordyceps & Chaga.