CBD Confused

Why Broad Spectrum CBD and not Isolates?

Hemp can have an incredible number of uses, every part of this plant, from seeds to the flowers, positively interacts with our bodies. But you don’t find all cannabinoids present in every CBD product. What we produce, is Broad spectrum CBD oil  as it contains all of the goodness, with just THC removed, making it less risky for anyone needing drug tests like athletes.  But some hemp oils contain none at all, and that is why it is important to check for lab reports.  The 120+ cannabinoids you’ll find in our Broad Spectrum CBD oil are purely extracted from the flowers and stalks of this plant, they work in harmony with each other, and our built in endocannabinoid system (ECS), unlike anything else we know of.  And you can buy types called isolates, where all but just one or two cannabinoids have been removed giving a concentrated cannabinoid or even just a terpene dose.

Understanding the differences between broad spectrum, isolates and full spectrum, as well as where in the plant the cannabinoids are held is vitally important when figuring out what CBD or hemp oil product is right for you. To help we’ve broken it down for you so that you can choose your CBD products with confidence, knowing that the oil you buy will give you the desired result.


Isolates can be an addition to your regular dose of full spectrum CBD, used to ramp up certain effects. There are many terpene isolates and when used with CBD oil, they can amplify focus, energy, calm or even help ease you into a restful sleep. You can also buy cannabinoid isolates, such as pure CBD (cannabidiol) if that is how you prefer to use it.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD products are pretty much the same as full spectrum CBD, just with the THC completely removed. The only real reason for this is for peace of mind of the consumer but mostly for ease of importing, exporting and selling the products. There is no additional wellbeing benefit to removing the THC and in the small amounts found in full spectrum CBD oil in the UK, it offers no real extra benefits. We personally think it’s better to feel the benefits of CBD oil without taking any risks and this is a common feeling among many people now in the UK.

Hemp seed oil

If you’re looking to introduce the benefits of cannabinoids into your life, hemp seed oil is not the answer. This nutritional supplement is incredible in its own right, it contains the perfect ratio of omegas, the full range of 21 amino acids and entire B-vitamin complex (among other things), but no actual cannabinoids. If you want cannabinoids, be sure to look for CBD extract on the label, not hemp oil.

Full Spectrum CBD

A CBD product marked full spectrum means it contains all of the amazing cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids naturally present in the hemp plant’s flowers that it has been extracted from. That includes THC, which has a UK legal limit, which is not enough to make you feel high – just enough to give you the complete benefits of the plant. The amount of THC in most products is so low it should not show up on any workplace drugs tests either, however many products tested by third parties have been found to contain many times over the legal limit, enough to lose you your job.

In our opinion full spectrum is only the best option if you will never need drug testing otherwise it can be risky.