Cooking with CBD Oil

CBD Infused Recipes or Cooking with CBD

 CBD Oil Recipes and Cooking

CBD can be consumed into the body by a variety of methods based on your own preferences, conditions and circumstance. Vaping CBD oil, swallowing capsules or rubbing a CBD based ointment onto inflamed skin are all very valid options. But quickly becoming a more popular option, is to cook with it.

You can choose to buy it infused in ready packaged products or as we prefer, incorporated into our favorite recipes. What is better than combining two of your favorite pastimes, CBD and cooking? You get to create delectable dishes that not only satisfy your taste buds, but also provide a hit of therapeutic relief.

Cooking with CBD can be extremely simple: In most cases, CBD oils can be directly substituted for olive or vegetable oils. With a couple of simple steps, it can be infused into butter. As with all cannabinoid consumption, onset will be slower due to the ingestion process, so we advise people to work their way up to a dosage that provides the right balance, Our CBD oil is mixed with MCT Oil rather than Hemp Seed Oil, this not only enhances potential benefits and the range of benefits in our product but also means there is very little taste to change the flavour of your dishes.  MCT Oil is odourless and flavourless whereas Hemp Seed Oil has a very strong earthy taste that can impact your foods flavours.

If you are still unsure of how to get started cooking with CBD’s? Look no further, we’ll be adding recipes from our own personal collection as well as publishing selected ones from kitchens and contributors around the world.

Do you have a personal favorite CBD-related recipe? We’d love to hear it. Submit it to and if we like it as much as you, you just might see it get published right here.