Nature's Therapy - Broad Spectrum CBD Oils

We aren’t here to sell you every single product or face cream that pops up as a trend or fad.  We simply supply 100% Organic and Natural CBD Oil in 2 different strengths.  All CBD Oils are combined with MCT (Coconut Oil) Carrier Oil.  We use MCT oil as it is shown in studies to enhance the effects of CBD and vice versa, MCT has many unique benefits of it’s own but one of the greatest benefits, it’s near tasteless, meaning the only flavour you get is from the CBD oil.  Many people mix with Hemp Oil, which has, to many people, an unpleasant and earthy taste, very similar to CBD oil itself.  Our MCT-CBD blend has a much milder flavour.

10% CBD Oil:   10% or 1000mg CBD Oil.  Sold in 10ml bottles only.  The 10% Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is our most popular with people wanting to give CBD a try and is the one chosen by regular users who are taking purely as a supplement and not for any specific existing problems. The 10% is the measure of CBD only, other Cannabinoids and terpenes are included on top of that number, unlike many companies who include these in their strength numbers.

25% CBD Oil: 25% or 2500mg CBD Oil.  Sold in 10ml bottles only.   The 25% Broad Spectrum CBD contains at least 25% CDB, plus all the other Cannabinoids and Terpenes that you want in a good CBD supplement.  We have many blog articles with useful information on dosages and if you are still unsure there are many sites offering advice online.

If unsure you are also welcome to contact us to discuss it, however we cannot tell you what to buy or advise on any specific conditions that CBD may be able to help with.

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